Minimal, sustainable and designed in Switzerland, DALGA (Turkish for “wave”) is an eco-swim innovator with premium Italian fabric and hand-cut swimwear produced in a couture facility in Turkey. Launched in 2017, the label is inspired by the creative director’s childhood on Princes’ Island, Turkey. DALGA’s feminine designs feature precise fits and timeless yet distinctive silhouettes.

Shop the upcoming debut collection for this Summer in selected boutiques, wellness centers, spas and online.


We take pride in producing sea-safe designs and doing our part to keep oceans clean. Every collection uses the Italian fabric ECONYL® - 100% regenerated nylon fiber created from abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste.

Further, every DALGA swimsuit purchase supports the environmental organization, Healthy Seas. Their clean-up campaigns remove plastic waste from our planet’s waters.

Sustainability means taking care of people too. We take pride in fair working conditions throughout every step of our process - from the design studio to the final step of production.

Let’s Keep the Oceans Clean.

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Garment Producer
Factory Head


Our eco-friendly production never sacrifices quality or style. To ensure the finest selection of fabrics and ideal cuts, our creative director makes regular hands-on visits to our production facility in Turkey. Ideas are exchanged and new designs spring to life.

Ebru, our signature print, means “clouds” or “relaxing in a meditative state” in Turkish. It’s also the name of a type of paint for creating marbling paper. Both the art and the atmosphere of Ebru are reflected in DALGA’s sophisticated, wave-like patterns- reimagined every season.

It’s a Lifestyle:

Luxurious DALGA swimwear is as appropriate for rigorous swimming as for lounging on a chair thanks to durable, flexible construction and a comfortable fit.

Feel closer to the ocean or move into a holiday state of mind with swimwear as perfect for the sea as for land. Style them for everything from an alfresco lunch in town to the liveliest nightlife- just add jeans, a skirt or your favorite pair of shorts.