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Laura Hofer

Laura Hofer was born with an aesthetic eye and definitely brought it to use to shape her future.
After ten years in the advertising industry, she made her dream come true and dived into independence, not without a lot of courage and perseverance. It was not an easy challenge and meant a lot of networking, but she never gave up until she became the successful entrepreneur she is today.

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Since 2019, her HO.LA Designstudio is an open door for direct clients and agencies, that are looking for a creative mind to make their visions a reality. Each project is like a new world for her to tap into, in order to achieve the best result for the client.

Furthermore you can find limited art illustrations made with love and soul on the online shop, which her artist heart ist most proud of.

If you wonder where she gets all her inspiration, Laura has many ways that help her.Due to her Mexican roots, she feels a deep connection towards other cultures and find stories that inspire her all over the world. With the right research and vision in mind, she transforms these into her own interpretations to offer personal, timeless designs.

This open-mindedness and curiosity also lead her to use her knowledge for the greater good and in hopes of a better world, by using every order to support a non-profit organization at the end of the month.

She also emphasizes the importance of taking a break to recharge some energy. After all, creativity comes in the most unexpected ways.

Laura Hofer turned her passion into an everyday job and herself into an inspiring power woman.

Fortunately we had the chance to ask her some questions to get to know her a little bit better. And let us tell you, she did not disappoint. We would love to collaborate with Laura in the near future.

1. Dear Laura, it is so nice to finally talk to you. You already achieved so much in young years, but is there a goal you still want to reach?

To be honest I am very happy where I’m at right now, it was always my goal to be independent and I guess what is important to me now is to keep that freedom. I want to help others to go their own way and never stop evolving.

2. Your prints in the onlineshop mostly show women’s bodies in everyday situations, what is the message behind that?

Well I started the onlineshop as an outlet for my inner self, out of my love for drawing. But with time,I noticed buyers started messaging me to thank me for inspiring them and that is just an added extra. People want to buy designs they can relate to and have their own story.

And Women Empowerment is something I feel really strongly for and it seems that I’m not the only one.

My own inspiration for those prints emerged when I started to acknowledge the inclusivity issues we face in on a daily basis. After confronting these issues in the industry, a friend of mine and me set up a network for independent women to support each other. That was kind of the beginning of the illustrations.

Beauty ideals change but we all have to find our own within ourselves , they should not be dictated by society.

3. Do you have someone you look up to?

There are many courageous women I admire that are giving us a great example of how to move forward. Mailka Faber for example has accomplished so many wonderful things by withstanding the challenges along the way. Digital media makes it possible to spread that inspiration as you reach more people.

4. The prints are made from sustainable paper, is the environment an important factor for you?

It is an important topic we should all be more aware of. I’m always happy when I get contacted by brands that share the same point of view and represent sustainable products to actively make a difference.

5. Making Visions come true is the key for your success, but do these also align with your own ideas?

It’s not always possible to put your own vision into it. To me the key factor is to know who I work with. If it’s just about money without any passion, I can’t support that nor do I want to represent it. I love what I do and it is only when the other person also shares this passion for what he stands for, that you find common ground.