Margaux Louise Germanier

Margaux Louise Germanier

I am… married and mom to a 3 and a half year old and a dog living in beautiful Montreux

I love… fashion, art, architecture. Everything that tells a story.

I studied…law, but started modeling in between.

I got into modeling because…I was very introverted as a teenager and was advised to do “photo therapy” to learn to let go of my insecurities. So I made an appointment with a photographer and we took good pictures. He showed them to other contacts in the industry and one thing led to another.

My business…started because I received a lot of clothes and accessories on modeling shoots that I didn’t need, so I created Concept Luxe to sell them online.

A tip for a sustainable fashion lifestyle would be… don’t buy too much but buy well. It’s about quality not quantity. I love the way that you choose one unique piece and use it until the end.

During the lockdown… I had time to do my boat license and now I can cruise around the lake with my boat in Montreux. I am a total water person. I also finished my masters in luxury management.

When buying swimwear… I want it to be sexy, like lingerie, because that is something I rarely wear in my daily life. It’s not about the color, it’s about the whole outfit and how you style it.

(An inspiring woman is… Alex Rivier, I really love her style and her pictures are beautiful. She’s an entrepreneur person, she also did her own swim collection and inspires me do be business woman. )

My goal right now is …. taking everyday like it is, we can’t do too many things at once. Now I’m most focused on concept luxe to keep it forward.

The first place I want to visit when the circumstances allow is…Paris, my favorite city. I have many friends there that I would love to see again and walk around its beautiful streets.

Margaux Louise Germanier started out studying law but started modeling in between. She got into it because of her introverted personality. As a way to help with her insecurities, she was advised to do “photo therapy” that turned out the be the starting point of her modeling career. (The photo shoot turned out so good that the photographer recommended her to others in the industry).

She received a lot of clothes and accessories from those shoots that she did not need and started selling them online, which is how Concept Luxe came to life. This business sets an example for sustainable fashion by giving the pieces a new life instead of throwing them away. For Margaux, fashion is about quality not quantity, which means not buying too much but buying well.

When it comes to swimwear, she looks for sexy pieces that mimic lingerie, as it is not something she has in her everyday closet. Moreover, it’s not about the color for her, but about how the whole outfit looks depending on how you style it.

Being a water person also lead her to get her boat license during lockdown, as well as finishing her Masters Degree in Luxury Management.

Nowadays she lives in Montreux with her husband, son and puppy and is focusing on keeping her online business growing, while taking one day at a time.